Is there a way to download all the images on one display?

I have a display that the images get changed periodically by our marketing department and I would like to be able to grab those images and download them. I see they have IDs and I can get to them using the Media endpoints, however, since they change frequently, I’m sure when a new image is uploaded, it is given a new media ID.

Is there an endpoint that I might have just missed where you can feed it the display’s ID or MAC, etc and it’ll download the media connected to that specific display?

We don’t have an endpoint that does that in the CMS API because its isn’t something you’d typically do from inside the CMS.

The Player API has that information, but its actually quite expensive resources wise to pull together, so its heavily cached. You can read about it here:

I assume your marketing department uses some convention/system to upload their content. I.e. does it always go into a unique layout for each display? It might be easier to tackle the problem in that way instead.

When you ask if it is going into a unique layout do you mean in their naming convention or layout as in what these are under this menu item?