IO Exception when accessing status.json file

Hello Team,

We have a big problem on players, all my player randomly show this error message in the task bar and because of this the error popup overlap the information we are showing on the screen. We are using R201 Client.

Xibo Error

Could you please help us on this on how to resolve/disable this error?

Thank You !

Hi @Siddharth56 , thanks for your message.
Please can you check that there is only one instance of the Xibo player running? You can do this by closing the player and the watchdog, and then check that there are no Xibo processes still running in Task Manager, then restart the player app.

If this does not resolve the problem, please can you try upgrading to R203: Xibo for Windows v2 R203 Released

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Thanks for the response. I will check and let you know if this will resolve my query or not.

@Frazer Could you please confirm if R203 is compatible with Windows 7 Embedded version OS ?

Officially, R203 supports Windows 7.

I’m afraid I do not know whether that extends to the Embedded version. You would likely need to test this yourself.

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