Inverted U shaped Videowall using multiple screen

We are going to set up inverted U shaped videowall with 12 screen. I have attached the image of how this videowall looks like:

Is it possible to sent output to this screen configuration in xibo?

I’ve recently been building a multi-screen Xibo system. I have 6 outputs to individual screens, on one large layout. Each screen displays a separate region in an Nvidia Mosaic 3*2 display.
It’s tricky.

To get what you want, make a 4*3 layout of suitable resolution, and have the content you want screens 7 and 8 to display underneath screens 11 and 12.

If you’re showing content that spreads across all screens, you’ll need to edit it so that the bottom of the two ‘legs’ of your ‘u’ shape are actually in the middle at the bottom.

| Screen 01 | Screen 02 | Screen 03 | Screen 04 |
| Screen 10 | Screen 11 | Screen 12 | Screen 05 |
| Screen 09 | Screen 08 | Screen 07 | Screen 06 |