Invalid State Detected XMR and Wrong Date Player Windows 10

Player Version

2 R255.3


I have an error about XMR, and the date set into player it’s completely wrong! (1970)

Other detail in screenshot!


No one have an idea?

I don’t think anyone knows what the question you’re asking is?

The dates that are shown in your screenshot are all completely normal for an “Always” schedule. Internally the system uses the start and current 32 bit end of the unix epoch to represent the start and finish of “Always”, so the dates in 1970 and 2038 are expected and normal.

The only error there is your XMR status, which I would suggest is likely a bad XMR configuration CMS side - ie the CMS is pushing a bad address down to the Player. You’d need to correct that, and then restart the Player.

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