Introduce LG 32LH604V


i want to introduce a TV, that i think it fit’s good for Digital Signage:

LG 32LH604V

It has 3 HDMI, No VGA-Port.

Built-in LAN and WIFI.

You can setup a schedule over the Weekday’s when it go’s on and off and which HDMI-Port is set when it goes on.

You can fully disable the Standyby-Mode/Screensaver/Eco-Mode. No Popup after Hours to Push a Button or something.

I think the WebOS-Interface is a bit slow, but OK for a Digital Signage Display.

The TV Cost round about 350€.

If you have some questions, ask here :wink:

What version of the Xibo OS are you using? The Web OS ? Or just using an android box?

Hi Alexi,

in my case, an Intel Compute Stick work an that TV. With Windows 10 and the Xibo CMS is 1.8.13 and the Player is R254.1.254.

I dont know, if the webOS Player is working. webOS is at Version 4.10.25.

Greetings Torsten