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Hey people,
We sell the advertising time on our display by seconds/hour. For this we have programmed our own booking tool, which schedules the ads via the API. On Xibo’s side, we implement this timely placement of advertisements using interrupt layouts. We simply enter the booked time here as share of voice.
For example:

In addition, there are some “standard layouts” that are classically planned as a campaign or layout.

This actually works pretty well, there’s just a problem that I’ve noticed lately: the share of voice entered doesn’t match the actual display duration. sometimes it takes several hundred seconds. Can this simply be described as “inaccuracy”? or are there ways to fix this? For example, should we increase the priority of interrupt layouts?

Like in this example:
SOV = 150 seconds / hour
150 seconds / hour * 18 hours = 2700 seconds total per day
diffrence between should and is: 175 seconds

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