Interrupt layout does not work as expected

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CMS Version


Player Type

Windows 10 PC

Player Version

Windows R252.6-252


I have a default layout with 6 media items for my player which is displayed nice and smooth by the player.
I have created 3 new layouts with one media in each and scheduled them as interrupt.
Interrupt I : share voice 1%
Interrupt II : share voice 10%
Interrupt III : share voice 60%

everything is played well but i see no shared voice. When the player starts, it is displaying the default layout for a while and after that all the 3 interrupt layouts one after the another as i would have scheduled them like normal layouts.

Default layout plays
Interrupt one plays
Interrupt two plays
Interrupt three plays
Default layout starts again
Where is the share voice?

Could you please tell me what am i missing?


Thanks for your message.

The Windows Player doesn’t yet support Interrupt layouts. It will be supported in a future release (soon).

Thanks Alex!
is it the next release or shall we wait longer?


It’s being worked on very soon. I can’t promise a particular release, but it will be soon. Check the release notes when they come out.

Will do.

Best regards

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