Internal error server

That is expected - your XMR address is empty and it is telling you that is the case. You can ignore this if you already know about it. If you want to eliminate this message you need Player 1.8 R105 or later.

It will be cleaned after a certain time yes - but only if it isn’t still in use. For some reason, which is not clear to me, there are 22000 that are in-use at the time of your screenshot, although with 630 widgets that is only 35 per widget.

In short, I think there is something here that doesn’t make sense - maybe you are showing many more tweets than you think you are?

excuse me, could you please tell me how to put CMS into test mode?

Please open a new topic instead of replying to one from 3 years ago :smiley:

You go to CMS -> Administration -> Settings and set Server Mode = Test on the troubleshooting tab.

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