Interactive TouchScreen Menu System

Hi All,

This is more of a Diary entry of my journey through this Madness.

The End Goal is to make Xibo do something it shouldn’t.
I am wanting to create a GUI using Xibo Widgets and Interactive areas.
I know I’m going to run into problems, but what’s life without a little Challenge? So come with me on this mad challenge and share in my Success/Failure!

Im using V4 and will be using an Android based touch screen as the Player.

The Plan of attack…
Create a Layout with a touchable area.
Have the touchable area jump to another layout.
Figure how to use the menuboard system.
can I use that as a makeshift GUI?
Get the Items into the Media library.

Feel Free to Chime in if I’m covering ground that’s already documented…


Videos Loop properly now? theres no black frame between loops!

Running into an interesting issue…

because the images are on a canvas I cant assign an interactable action to the individual image. Instead its just the whole Canvas thats Interactive.


As Seen above there is just two Widgets, The background Video and the Back Icon the rest are stuck in the canvas layer list below

I will report back once I’ve cracked this conundrum.

Ok I’ve found a work around for my non interactive Canvas Layer images.

an empty Embed box that’s transparent…


talk about a work around!

Be Pretty cool if these buttons were made to be a real thing, like an invisible button…

Well Now its just a long Repetative Slog to make the sub menus.

Not going to lie, Slowly loosing my mind!!

Looking forward to see how this system preforms on a player!

Be interesting to see if all the layouts get preloaded onto the player…

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Ok so I’ve started the initial testing on the display using Android R402

This is what it looks like in the layout designer.

This is what it looks like on preview along with the layers

And finally, this is what it looks like on an actual display…

the icons do pop up for a bit with the video playing in the background but they then disappear…
the Invisible html buttons work though and you can navigate the GUI…

I’m just struggling with the layering…
any advice?