Interactive set up advice

I want to create an inactive Blackboard for employes.
for example
more small regions with diffrent topics (infos from mgmt, circular messages, Hotnews)
each of them have 5 to 10 pdf that you see as preview on the right region.

when employ press on the region
it should change to an “subfolder” with full screenlayout and on the bottom employe should be able which of the pdf he wants to look

a home butom to go back to the start screen

i dont be clear how to set this up

i miss something like navigation bar or buttons
to jump in a “subfolder” or back

it should be dynamic
the layout should be setup and when adding pdf it should automaticly pudhed to screens
not to edit layout again

Hello there, did you find a solution for this, I am currently having several kiosk displays and would like to create content that is interactive, like menus and select options that display different content each time when pressed. Thank you

No Sorry
no one replies on my question
and also dont find a tutorial for this that i can follow

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