Interactive Screen Time Limits

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Requesting an option to modify the timers on the Interactive/Action Widgets on a Layout. For example, we have redirected a “Holding Layout” to an “Interactive Layout” when the customer touches the screen however, it currently times out from the first initial touch. We propose that we can edit this field to have the screen timeout from the last touch.

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We have a customer who uses interactive advertising screens in their restaurant. They like to have a promotional advertising screen running at all times except when the customer wishes to place an order. At which point, they touch the screen and are automatically redirected to their ordering page on their website (on another layout we set up). However, if a customer does not place the order quick enough, it times out and reverts back to the holding page. It does not lose the customers order but means they have to wait for the holding page to return and then touch the screen again. With the added feature of timing out upon the last touch, this would create a much more professional screen experience for the customer and create more interactive opportunities.