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my name is Luca and I’m new to Xibo. My non-profit association has just received a kiosk with touch screen as donation that should be installed in a public place to show historical photographs to tourists and residents (offline, without internet).

I have an archive with about 2000 photographs divided by date in 250 albums from 1928 to 2018: each album contains an image with general indications and several photographs of the event (like in FB,

There are two solutions: in the first case I need to create an interactive interface to choose the album of interest (but I read in various posts that Xibo is not interactive - https :// - https :// - https :// - https :// while in the second case I need to create a slideshow.

I would like to create a presentation on two screens: in the first screen should be present the image with general indication and on the second I would like to automatically scroll the images of the event (each album contains several photos).

I think I should create a layout for each album but this would require the manual creation of about 250 layouts (and relative scheduling). Is there a simpler solution?

Thank you for your help
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Hello, why do you need to use xibo at all…you can create simple webpage that would run on kiosk itself and that is it.

Webpage should have option to open every album it self…

I had query for one of my clients for similar stuff and i it is working…

If you need help send me PM…