Intel NUC running Server and Client

I want to install the Xibo Server and Xibo client in this PC:
Intel NUC NUC6CAYH Intel Celeron J3455
Intel® Celeron®
1,50 GHz
(debian 10).
It only will have two clients.
Will it be enought powerfull to run it.
Thank you.

Hi Octavi_Roset, welcome to the community!

The Intel NUC model you mention in your message has not been officially tested, so I cannot say for sure if this will be appropriate for your digital signage setup. I was also unsure from your message if you intend to run the CMS server and clients on a single NUC together, or if each will have their own device. Looking at the spec of the device, I would expect you would need a unit for your server and another for each player.

The only way to know if this will be appropriate hardware for your setup would be to test it and see how it performs. Whether it is enough for your setup will depend on how your CMS and players are configured, so first I would suggest installing your CMS, then connect a player and configure it for your ideal setup. Once connected, you can monitor your resource usage to see if the setup is stable. If it is, then you could add your second player to your setup and see if the NUC can still provide the performance you are looking for.

I hope your tests are successful, please feel free to post your experiences testing the Intel NUC NUC6CAYH Intel Celeron J3455, so other members of the community can use this information when considering hardware in the future.

I have also provided a link to our CMS installation guide just in case. Personally I would recommend a Docker based setup.

Many Thanks.

Thanks for your answer.
My intention is to run the server and the player all together in the same nuc. And aside another nuc that would only be a player.

I have already tried this nuc model in several installations using it as a client, never as a server. I think it would work well for me.


Thank you for the update on your proposed setup. Running both the Server and client on the same machine is indeed possible, whether this will be provide stable performance on the NUC you plan to use is hard to say, as the hardware spec in your original message may not be high enough.

Thorough tests will indeed be required, I would definitely recommend connecting only one player at a time so you can see how the NUC with the CMS and player installed performs.

Please also note that your player media library and CMS media library must be separate from each other, you cannot have both use the same directory for accessing your media and other required files.

I hope the tests go well!

Many Thanks.

Thank you very much for the help.
I will take into account the advice you have given me.
In a few days I will tell you about the experience.

Thank you!

Sounds great! Best of luck with it and in case you should post a follow up message on your experiences with this hardware, thank you for sharing with the community.

Many Thanks.

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Since the server is only pushing data as media files, it wont use alot of resources.

I can tell you that the Celeron can be a bit low-end for graphics. When i am trying RTSP streams from old smart-tv or old hardware, there is a bigger delay than using a nuc with I5 processor. Even if i have configured the streaming protocol with the lowest bitrate.

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