Intel Compute Stick or Azulle Quantum Access Stick?

Hi Folks,

I’m gonna be running multiple screens in different locations and I’m wondering which is the best client computer to use. The clients will mostly be used for full-screen mpeg video looping. The stick computers mentioned above seem to pop up quite often in the forum. Just wondering which would be best for my needs or is there something else out there that might be better? :slight_smile:


we use MELE Sticks because the have a very good passive Cooling System (no Fan)…

Hi again

i joust rofl !!! - because i searched for “Azulle Quantum Access Stick” -…

This is a Mele PCG01 Stick under a other Brand name :slight_smile:

But be aware - if you have a lot of video Content better use a Cherry Trail based Stick - they have better Graphic Performance and progress less heat …


You think it’s better to go with the Intel Compute Stick? Thanks!


im not able to say anything about the current INTEL Sticks - but we tested 1st and 2 Gen of Intel Sticks and they are realy bad.

Loud Fan - bad WIFI - big Power supply…

We use MELE PCG01 Stick here for Signage - works well !

Ok - I didn’t realise the older gen sticks gave problems. Will keep that in mind. Thanks for the advice!

as i sayed - mele now ship new PCG02 with Z8300 Cherry Trail Chipset

More Performance - less Heat and Physical Ethernet Port !!!

We use this Stick for Thin Client solutions (Windows Terminsl Server) works great !

Ok thanks. I was just wondering if these devices get damaged easily if the power gets turned off before shutdown? I’m gonna have them in several stores so there is a chance they may get switched off by staff.


Why should this device get damaged on power off ?

Its a usual X86 Plattform with a usual Windows System - so im sure there is no Hardware damage …

Yes Windows File System can get damaged - but this also can happen on every other PC System …

As i sayed we have here over 60 of this Stick PC´s and no problems at all …

Ok sounds good. Thanks again for your help!