Instant Update of DataSet on the Screen

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an Option in DataSets Add and Edit pages to Instantly Update Data on the Screen upon DataSet Update

User Story

Using DataSets as Source of Data for Charts, DataSet Ticker, DataSet View will not update on screen when DataSet update until the time finishes and Widgets reloads, current solution will be to set a really short period of time for the widget which will make it flicker on the screen periodically even if there is no data updates my suggested solution will be that upon DataSets update event (adding deleting or modifying a row) to send XMR message to the players using that DataSets in a Layout with a command to just reload the layout, no need to redownload the layout as it is not changed, only the Data has been updated, in this case Data updates will reflect instantly on the screen, without the need of periodically flicker on the screen.