Installation service installation folder

Hi, we use installation service for self hosted CMS, but when i try to find the installation forlder to modify theme design, i cant find it. how i can access to www folder or find XIBO installation folder in my virtual machine.

Did someone from Xibo install it for you? If so then it would be a Docker installation installed under /opt/xibo. You can’t get direct access to the www folder in a docker installation, although we do make a userscripts folder available.

If you want to host something unrelated we’d recommend doing that using a different container on the same server to keep things separate. Or make use of the userscripts option which you will find under the shared sub folder.

Please be aware though that anything you put in there will be available via the web server and you should be cautious about security.

hello Dan. thanks for your support. noted. (found in /opt/cms) (installed from someone of Xibo).

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