Installation not possible (Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB)

Hi at all XIBO users.

I just try to evaluate the Xibo Client Player on a mini PC.

OS: Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB
XIBO: downloaded today (29.10.2020) xibo-client-v2-R255.3-win32-x86

The installing process ends uzp with “The Xibo POlayer Setup Wizard ende prematurely”

"Xibo Player setup ended premnaturely because of an error. Your system has not been modified. To install this program at a later time, please run the installation again. Click the “Finish button to exit the Setup wizard.”

I´m not an IT professional. I can’t explain it to me why it not works.

Things I´ve tried:

I hope you can help me :slight_smile:

Best regards


Hello there, for your window 10 this “xibo-client-v2-R200-win32-x86” version of xibo client player is good so you can download and install it. It works for me!!!

Hello, i know i digged up some old error, but i think i found something related to this issue

I had the same problem for the v2-R255.3 with the same error message.
I tried to install it using powershell script via SCCM to get more logs on the error and i found what seems to be the problem, especially in professionel (secured) environment.

In fact, when you run the .msi, it extracts 2 powershell file in %appdata%, those two files are not signed, so the installation aborts, as its a standard microsoft safeguard administrativ choice (… But i dont seems to find how to whitelist them as the two PS files are automatically deleted after the installaiton abort.

Does XiboDev Team is planning on signing those two PS file in order for secure environnement to easily set-up the xibo client without tweaking basics security mesures ?

best regards

Thanks for your detailed analysis - we will try the workarounds detailed here for the next release.

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