Installation error CMS 2.3.7 solved

After confirming system requirements and going to the database configuration page, you have this bug

When performing the installation of CMS 2.3.7 an error occurs so that the direction to the second step of the installation enters an infinite loop and will never be completed.

The solution to this bug is to open your code editor and copy the code from CMS version 2.3.4 from the .htacess file and paste it into the .htacess in CMS version 2.3.7

I hope this tip of mine helps you

You have “web” in the URL you’re using to access the CMS.

That means you’ve not correctly configured the webserver per the installation instructions. You will have all kinds of problems with the CMS as a result. You need to go back and correct that. See

In addition, if you are going to run Xibo in a sub-directory on your webserver, then you need to adjust the .htaccess RewriteBase line to match that custom path - so in your case something like:

RewriteBase /online/xibo-cms-2.3.7/

assuming you aliased the CMS web directory to that location.

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