Installation error CMS 2.3.7 solved

After confirming system requirements and going to the database configuration page, you have this bug

When performing the installation of CMS 2.3.7 an error occurs so that the direction to the second step of the installation enters an infinite loop and will never be completed.

The solution to this bug is to open your code editor and copy the code from CMS version 2.3.4 from the .htacess file and paste it into the .htacess in CMS version 2.3.7

I hope this tip of mine helps you

You have “web” in the URL you’re using to access the CMS.

That means you’ve not correctly configured the webserver per the installation instructions. You will have all kinds of problems with the CMS as a result. You need to go back and correct that. See

In addition, if you are going to run Xibo in a sub-directory on your webserver, then you need to adjust the .htaccess RewriteBase line to match that custom path - so in your case something like:

RewriteBase /online/xibo-cms-2.3.7/

assuming you aliased the CMS web directory to that location.

Bom Dia ! desculpe a ignorância…não sou programador e sou novo com o xibo…

Fui fazer a instalação no hostinger do CMS e deu exatamente o erro apresentado acima porém, lendo os dois posts não sei como fazer para prosseguir com a instalação.

poderiam me auxiliar e orientar sobre como fazer esse processo ?

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Você conseguiu resolver a configuração na hospedagem asneto?

Não. congelei aqui…srsrsrsr

É só você baixar uma versão anterior do CMS e na pasta onde está o arquivo. Htacess é só substituir o arquivo. Pega da versão anterior e apaga o da versão que você está tentando implementar. Porém eu indico ler a descrição que está acima, onde diz que é melhor preparar o ambiente na hospedagem. É só traduzir o texto e seguir as orientações

Consegui…bati cabeça mais foi…agora vamos aprender a usar o Xibo…

Muito obrigado pela ajuda.

Boa sorte. Você vai conhecer a melhor plataforma CMS do mercado.

You are still exposing parts of the Xibo code that are not designed to be publicly exposed, and therefore at far greater risk of having a security issue. Please review the documentation I provided and use an alias or change the webroot as we intend.

I have applied your solution, but now i cant connect my android device with server. as @alex said you will get issues in future without proper installation.

But for non developers low budget person like me this guide is quit complicated to apply.

Kindly make it simple for us or make a video on your YouTube channel please.

Docker is quick and easy and what we suggest. If you opt to do your own thing, then I’m afraid we can’t support that!

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I will try docker.

can you please tell me is this my CMS server address to put on android player?

Or it is my ip address?

i am getting error when putting ip address.

Unable to Register due to Error:expected:START_TAG{} Envelope (position:START_TAG(<html lang='en'>)
@ 1:32 in []( InputStreamReader@ ea21a7d).


For me i have juste change in web/.htaccess and install work:
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/install/.$
by (add .
before /install and after ^)
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^./install/.$
And install work without ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS
the URL was :


I have installed after replacing with old code. but now getting error in connecting android to the CMS

Unable to Register due to Error:expected:START_TAG{} Envelope (position:START_TAG()
@ 1:32 in InputStreamReader@ ea21a7d).

Also i have /web in my CMS address, please tell me what you have written in player address bar?

@Aevideomaker can you please guide a little to connect android player with CMS?

I don’t know much about docker, i am learning about it.

its working with windows client, but not with android.
any solution?


I was trying for a few days a new installation in the latest version 2.3.7.
But I had the error ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS (with Chrome)

I tried on host and local with XAMPP.
I don’t use Docker, directly on Apache web server.

I came across this topic and so far I have only changed the line with /install/ in file .htaccess

Be careful, if you took the, .htaccess from version 2.3.4, lines have been added in 2.3.7
Try to hand over the .htaccess version 2.3.7 after the installation is done?

Please do not edit the .htaccess file.

If you have web in the URL you are using to access the CMS, you have a serious security risk and you need to correctly configure your webserver per the instructions I sent previously.

The only permissable change to the .htaccess file is to uncomment and modify the RewriteBase /xibo line to match any webserver alias you use (ie if you have the CMS in a subdirectory).

@angle_lina - you have web in the URL. That won’t work.

Please follow the install guide and correctly configure your webserver, and it will then work. If you find configuring webservers hard, then use Docker where it’s all done for you. We cannot offer any support for a CMS where you have web in the URL as it’s fundamentally installed wrongly and will not work properly.

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