Install Xibo on Wendows Server

Hello Xibo Community,

I am planning to deploy a self-hosted Xibo digital signage solution on Windows Server. Before proceeding, I want to ensure that my environment is properly set up to meet the requirements of Xibo, ensuring smooth operation and optimal performance.

Could anyone please share the detailed minimum system requirements for running a self-hosted Xibo CMS on a Windows Server? Specifically, I’m interested in:

The recommended version(s) of Windows Server.
Processor (CPU) specifications.
Minimum RAM requirements.
Storage recommendations.
Any specific configurations or dependencies that need to be addressed, such as PHP, MySQL/MariaDB versions, or web server configurations.
Additionally, if there are any best practices or recommendations beyond the minimum requirements that could enhance performance or reliability, I would greatly appreciate your insights.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance. I look forward to contributing to and learning from this community.

Best Regards