Install xibo 1.81 on a Synology NAS

In that, /shared refers to your host machine.

You’ll need to destroy the container each time. The database and user are only created on the MySQL containers first run.

ok I burned the containers, started new, and still I see

 ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'cms'@'' (using password: YES)

I should had noted that I reverted to the original setup of not defining the password, and the ServerName.

So the MySQL container isn’t creating the database and user correctly.

It does so solely on the presence of the MYSQL_USER, MYSQL_DATABASE, and MYSQL_PASSWORD environment variables when the container very first starts up.

One of those is missing, or differs from what’s being given to the web container. As before, you’ll need to destroy the container, and remove any locally stored data (/volume1/xibo-docker/web/cms/datbase if that’s still where you have it stored) before you can make another attempt.

Note also you say “still I see”, but this is a very different error from the one you showed before ERROR 1130 (HY000): Host '' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server

Thank you Alex for all the help. I was able to finally get the cms-web container to talk to the cms-db container. I can log into the cms via docker from the internet. I had to use both MYSQL_PASSWORD and MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD on both containers to get it to work for some reason.

Left on the walk-through for me is to get SSL working and also figure out how to get the data from a previous cms imported. I saw a few post and things on the website to explain this, so I am hopeful that the rest will be fairly easy.


I was able to successfully import the database and library from Xibo 1.8 to 1.8.1 Xibo Docker. I also was successful in setting up the reverse proxy. As soon as I can get everything documented, I am hoping to post a walk through for someone to try and then make suggestions on improving it.

Once again Thank You to Alex who has been great in pointing out what I was doing wrong and making suggestions on where to look.

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Here it is. Please make suggestions for changes.

I’m a Docker-newbie: After three whole days, yes three!!, with installation-trials of xibo/mysql containers, me seems, that we have a big mistake. The corresponding /shared Folder is not the Synology proper public-folder (/WEB) Folder but the Docker proper public-folder (/DOCKER). That is important for the cms-web Container and his volume path. My trials refers sadly to the WEB-Folder. Now, after changing to the DOCKER-Folder, all containers running very well.
/docker/path-to-your-cms - /var/www/cms/custom


I am trying to follow you on this. It sounds like you had some trouble with the file locations and needed to place them in a different location and then link to them. My Synology NAS is setup just as my guide says, and I have not had any issues, so I am a bit puzzled.

Are you suggesting that not using the location you have chosen should lead to problems?


Yes, that is true. My first choice for the container-configuration > cms-web > volume path was the /WEB folder (He will be auto-generated by Synology WebStation). That becomes any problems with MySQL (cache, permission …), Apache and so on. Only after choosing the /DOCKER folder as volume path, running all that fine.

Interesting. Can you please tell me which version of the DMS you are running on your Synology? Also which model it is?


Synology DS218+ (intel J3355)
MySQL 8.0.2
Xibo latest (now 1.8.2)

DMS version please??

I am running at the moment a Sysnology DS216+II, with I believe a different processor. But for this application I don't think that matters much. I would think that the DSM version or the difference in the way permissions are configured may be leading to a different outcome for you.

I did have a non-docker version of Xibo installed previously, and that may have called for some permission changes. However, we have used the same setup on another Synology NAS, sorry I don’t have the model number, and it worked as well. That unit did not have a previously installed version of Xibo.

Hey, my Station is still running under DSM 6.1.x
I can´t say what the different to older DSM-versions. But you will find preinstalled Docker only on intel-Synology like 216+II or 218+. Others modells with docker are listed on Synology website.

I am running on DSM 6.1.3-15152 Update 4, I am not sure which version was installed when I started.

No one else has mentioned having the issue you ran into. I might add some notes to the tutorial if I hear of others having an issue.