Install xibo 1.8 Docker as https on Windows

Thanks for that info. I’m quite a state of confusion on this matter:

o Firstly, more general question, is it worth switching over to https, or do most Xibo users leave it http? I want to know if its worth the trouble of trying to switch it.

o Secondly, I come across sites that refer to editing cms_custom ports.yml.template or docker-compose.yml file

e.g. Docker documentation on ports

so would it make sense in one (or both?) of these files to change port to say

- “443:80”

and then run a suitable docker-compose command. Or have I completly misunderstood which “port” this actually refers to?

o Thirdly, other websites (for Linux installs) refer to have to install apache and instigate a proxy server - is this what your referencing to with the above links?

Is there a guide/web-page that specifies what has to be done and why?