Install.php error when upgrading from 1.8 rc2 to 1.8 rc3

Hi. Upgrade from 1.8r c2 to 1.8 rc3 appeared to work except there is a notification indicating a problem with the installation and that install.php should be deleted (it always shows “a few seconds ago”). This is a manual install - replaced existing installation with new version (did not copy over the top), put backup settings.php file in the web folder, browsed to localhost, clicked on upgrade. Tried clearing browser cashe, deleting install.php in lib/helper folder, and rebooting machine - but notification remains. Ok to ignore? I’m not sure it will ever go away given that it always appears current (“a few seconds ago”). Anything else I should try?


You can delete /web/install/index.php and the message will go away. Its not dangerous, it just means users can visit /install on your CMS.

I’ve submitted an enhancement to see if we can try and delete this file automatically when an upgrade has finished:

Thanks! Notification disappeared after deleting the index.php file.

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