Install CMS on 1&1 Managed Webserver -> fails at Database-Settings

Hello XIBO-Community,

I’ve downloaded 1.7.4 and created a subdomain on my managed Webserver. I uploaded all the stuff from zip and startet the installation. When I get into Database-Settings I choose “Use Existing Database” as I created a new MySQL-Database (Version 5.1) in my 1&1-Control-Center. I filled out the details (localhost, databasename, database-user and password) and clicked on “Next”. Then I get the following error:

Could not connect to MySQL with the administrator details. Please check
and try again. Error Message = [SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] No such file or

What is wrong? What can I do? I can access the database via PHPMyAdmin without problems…


I’ve not used 1&1 in a while now, but I dont think that they use localhost for databases, their database servers will have their own hostnames

Edit: In fact ignore me I wasnt reading your post properly.

…yes the MySQL is local running…
I’m running several CMS-Systems on my server and everywhere “localhost” is configured…


I believe this error is one the PHP/MySQL configuration side rather than the Xibo side - all Xibo is asking for in this case is a DB connection.

Perhaps the answers here might be of assistance?

So I very much doubt 1&1 will be giving you administrative access to their database servers, so instead you need to select the installation route for an existing database and enter your existing database name, and credentials. Then Xibo will install in to that database (which should be empty at that point) using the credentials you specify, rather than trying to create a new database and grant access to it.