Install certificat on dscs device

Hello folks,

I’m using a DSCS Device which I purchased directly from Xibo. Now i need to install a certificat. For that I exported the one from my Windows PC and pushed it on my android device via adb.

While I try to install it i get the message “Parse error - There was a problem parsing the package”. Same message with .cer.
After converting .cer to .pem with openssl.exe x509 -inform der -in E:\cert01.cer -outform pem -out E:\cert01.pem I still get the same error during the installation.

Does anyone know how I can install my certificate?

Best regards

Thanks for your message.

You can import an X509 CA certificate in to your DSCS9. The error you’re getting suggests that the certificate is in the wrong format. Perhaps you have passworded it or otherwise encoded it?

If you’re able to share the original export from Windows I can take a look and see if I can work out why it won’t import. Presuming it’s a CA public certificate then there should be no danger in sharing that publicly.

If it’s some other kind of certificate, please advise what the certificate is for.

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