Instagram module


Is it posible to build an Instagram module?

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It’s certainly a good idea for a module which we may look at for future development. It would be helpful if you could add any features you particularly would want it to have and/or exactly what your module would do.

Then when we come to review this in the future we have a better idea what you are suggesting.

Also it would be good if you could check with the Instagram terms and conditions if they allow third party integrations like this to display their content, and if so where their API documentation can be found


I found the Instagram terms and condition:

The options for the Instagram module what I like to have:

  • Part Type (@username, #hashtags, populair or location)
  • Photo with several bordersoptions.
  • Photos in layout or one photos in slide shot.
  • Option to decide how many last pictures will be presentated in the module.
  • Image hover effects
  • show captions


the post is 3 Years old, have anybody an idea or have realised a Instagram Modul?

It would be nice, to have that kind of Modul in 2018/2019 ?

I agree with the options for that Instagram Modul with @Aloots.

So i’m not a programmer, but i can help to beta-testing the Modul.

It would be nice, if other Users write down here, her comments.

Greetings from Germany