InfluxDB dashboard display?


Does Xibo have the option to display InfluxDB or Chronograf dashboards? My company has just started populating Chronograf dashboards based on InfluxDB, would be good to display on remote screens via Xibo if I can.


Thanks for your message Damo.

Xibo for Windows may be able to display the dashboards you mention but this will require testing to be sure the performance meets your requirements. Some users have tested with other dashboards, for example Grafana with varying results.

If you decide to test this on your player, I would recommend the following tips in case you encounter an issue:

  • If you decide to use a webpage widget to view the dashboards, please make sure to set a long enough duration for the page to load. Some dashboards can take some time to render, which could give the impression it is not working if the widget has a short duration.
  • If the webpage widget does not allow your dashboard to load, I would recommend using the Embedded widget to see if this resolves the issue. Many of the dashboard suites have an option to create an iframe of your data, which you may find loads and renders better than using the webpage widget. I’m also aware that embed options on some dashboard suites require a premium subscription. It’s a good idea to check if the service you are paying for includes this option.

I hope your tests are successful and you are able to display InfluxDB and/or Chronograf on your Xibo players. There’s no pressure to do so but if you could update this post letting the community know what player version, Windows version you used and whether it was successful, that would be very helpful for others who may be considering a similar setup.

Many Thanks.

Thanks Dan, will keep you all updated if I get it sorted

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