Improve Preview Technology

Hey guys!
I would like to know if you have an improvement in layout preview in mind, as the current format is already quite old and not very functional (to play videos).

I don’t know about the other users, but around here we tend to use a good amount of videos in the layouts, and it takes TOO MUCH for the browser to download the cached videos and start playing, when the preview does not give any problem (which is rare when you have more than 4 or 5 videos with a few minutes).

Is there any way to play these videos straight from the library as a stream? I’m aware of the limitations regarding the video format (which must be in MP4), but it’s been something that hasn’t been improved for a few years… Maybe use a video converter like ffmpeg (or similar) to convert these videos temporarily and play them in a temporary folder.

Here’s the suggestion!

Thanks for your suggestion - we’ve got something recorded for that already. As you can see it has been recorded for a while now, but we’re hoping that it will come along in v4 sometime (perhaps 4.1)


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I have exactly the same thing as @pitoco02
We make campaigns with 4 hours which is impossible to review this from the preview pane. My colleague schedules this to a player and checks this via the player instead of the preview pane.

If possible, would love to see this feature in CMS v3. We tend to create more custom modules which created for v3.

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Unfortunately we have to draw a line somewhere so that we can undertake larger engineering efforts. This means v3 is feature frozen now and all new developments are to occur in v4.

It will be much easier to create widgets in v4, so you might find that it makes sense to upgrade anyway.