Impossible to configure window download

I installed xibo 1.7.9.When i configure the “window download” the client never download the new content.I put interval to 1 minute.
It’s a bug?
thanks for you help.

Could you show us a screenshot of status window on your player please?

Unless there are certain reasons for it, we recommend to leave as default 00:00 and 00:00 (always open).

The display will be able to download content only between 1 am and 3 am.
Screenshot of the client

The date on client and server is the same.
And I have everytime in the server :


When did you take that screenshot? Was it between 1-3 am?
Because it seems that player is inside the download window on that screenshot and everything it needs is already downloaded.

Did you change the default Windows display profile or created a new display profile with download window changed?
If you’ve created new display profile, did you assign it to your display?