Import CSV - Words with accentuation

Hello everybody.

When i imported a CSV file from Dataset and in this file have words with accentuation only part of the word is imported.


This is part of my CSV File;

And so that is imported;

This is a possible Bug?


It may well be a bug - can you please try two things:

  1. Add the " delimiter around your field names (common practice for fields with spaces in them)
  2. Provide an extract of the source CSV file so we can run a test?


Hi Dan.

Thanks for response.

I will do this test and give a feedback.

This is the link for download the file


Hi - when I opened the file it wasn’t encoded in UTF8, which means that the special characters in the file were not encoded correctly.

I opened the xls and re-saved to csv but made sure I selected UTF-8 as the encoding.

Everything imported as expected once i’d done this.