Images are forced into format


I’m pretty new to Xibo and have an issue where I hope some one can help.

I have a very simple layout which gets it’s Data from an RSS feed.
The text is shown as formatted correctly, as I defined in the main Layout. but the Pictures and images from the RSS feed. seem to be always forced to be shown in a certain format. if the picture is higher, xibo cuts it off at the top and at the bottom.


here is the image by itself:

as you can see there is part of the top and the Bottom missing

my code from the layout is:

<p style="margin-top:30px;"><span style=" color:#00ABC7"><font size="+4"><strong>[Title]</strong></font></span></p>

<p style="margin-top:30px;"><font size="+2">[Description]</font></p>
<p style="text-align: center;">[Link|image]</p>

without using an optional CSS

also I’d like to show the image bigger, like fill out the Frame if there is no Description text

can anyone help?

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