Image with importjson in dataset

How can I import an image with importjson (api) in a dataset?

  • The ID of an image in the library (this works),
  • an url from an external image (I get a configuration error: Problem moving downloaded file into the Library Folder, if I use the dataset with an image (url) , data type is External Image. I’m running the cms with docker, so I thought the configuration was ok.),
  • as base64?

(xibo 1.8 rc2)

This should be supported - I am not sure why it would be trying to download the image at that point - external images in DataSets are only downloaded at the point of use.

Please can you provide a sample API request and a fault log from the CMS?

If you wanted to provide the image separately, you could use the API to upload it and capture its Library Media ID, which you could then provide here.

faultlog for externalimage:

I don’t think this has anything to do with import json? It looks to me like the external image download is broken regardless of how the image URL gets in that location.

I’ve submitted a bug here:

There is a fix available, which you can apply to your CMS code, or you can wait for the rc3 release.