Image resizing on upload - Is there any settings?

I was quite surprised today to see that Xibo resizes images on upload so that they have a maximum of 1080 height!

Is there a setting somwhere to turn this off? Reason is we use vertical displays 1080x1920, so images get resized to 608x1080 !

Can’t tell you how bad it looks :frowning:


That should not happen, Xibo will not do it.

In fact I’ve just upload a 1080x1920 image to our test CMS and it stays in this resolution when you download it from CMS or when you use it in layout (portrait layout 1080p - full screen).

I am not sure how different your image may be, but could you send it to me? (here or via pm)

Ok, did a test. Seems like Firefox resizes the images prior to upload!

Via Firefox, when I select a file to upload, it shows the filesize. On firefox, my 740K shows up at 204K. After the upload, I download it, and it is resized to 608x480.

Via Chrome, it shows at 740K, and it’s still the same when I download it, 740K, 1080x1920!

I don’t get it. I’ve looked over Google and could not find anything about that…

That’s interesting, after you said it I’ve tried the same thing on firefox and it seems to be fine too, I am not sure why you are experiencing this issue.

Anyway, I am glad that with chrome everything is good and you can proceed with making your layouts in Xibo.