Image from Dataset not appearing on Player

I am encountering same issue with Xibo 4.0.3

here is the Preview of the layout:
and here is the player display:

Any contribution from any side to solve it ?

Hi @habib1 , and Welcome to the Xibo Community!

Please can you upgrade your CMS to the latest version Xibo CMS 4.0.12 released and then let us know if the issue persists?

Please can you also tell us the type/version of the player you are using?

Hi Frazer, thank you for trying to help.
Are you sure that the 4.0.12 will solve the problems ? if it is just a try, I would rather wait for the bug to be officially fixed, because it is a mess to upgrade just for testing.
BTW, problem shows on windows and Android players.
So it seems as if the images of the dataset column are not loaded to the internal library of the player !

I’ve tested it using a 4.0.12 CMS and Xibo for Windows R402.1 and the library image is visible in my dataset here, both in the preview and on the player.

@Frazer , Thank you very much.
BTW, is the 4.0.12 giving possible customising dataset layout by CSS and HTML ?

You would need to create a module template in order to do that: Module Templates - Widgets | Xibo Digital Signage

In the upcoming version 4.1 it will be possible to create module templates inside the CMS using the Developer → Module Templates menu.

I have tested 4.0.12 and still not showing dataset images on player !! and not in the player library either .