Iframe is not working with Xibo Client R201


I’m trying to show the Third party Rail data on display using iframe but on the actual sign it just shows the white page. The XIBO version I’m using is R201 Windows Client. When I ran the webpage in IE it just keep loading but the webpage works fine in Edge and Chrome. Is there any way I can change the browser from IE to something else ?


@DanBW Can you please help on this ?

Hi Siddharth. You cannot change the browser in the R201 player, it is set to IE. You could try using one of the Windows 10 compatible players (R258 for version 2 CMSs, R303 for version 3 CMSs). Does your issue persist when using one of these player versions?

Many Thanks.

Hi @DanBW Thanks for the response. I have not tried with the new versions as we are using R201 but will surely try with new version on one of our new sign and will let you know if any issue.

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