IE or CEF choice


I am using Xibo 1.7.9 (latest).

I am faced since long time to an issue. We want to display some webpage that are not working when using IE or CEF. Some of the application works with CEF and not with IE, and some with IE and not with CEF.

CEF was the best choice until now, because IE is not able to display webpage like Kibana (NodeJS, Java), Dashing (using SSE: Server Sent Event information).

You said that CEF wont be supported but I wont be able to use IE with our application.
Why ? Is CEF not good ?

Any idea or clues ?

CEF was(is) in beta, that was something we wanted to try, we were never happy with the implementation of it.

Getting CEF to a point where its stable would be akin to writing a new player application, which is something we’d like to focus on instead. New cross platform player will be introduced in 1.9 series.

We’d recommend IE11 also make sure the registry entry for browser emulation is set to use IE11 - Enabling HTML5 in the Windows .net Player
Those registry changes should be done during player installation (from 1.7.8 version)

Can you give us an example of a webpage that is not working for you so we can try it?