Identifying the player that calls a webpage using the widget


I’m thinking of making a web server that hosts a simple page that displays information based on which player is calling it.

I would like to use the xibo webpage widget for that.

Is their a way to identify the player calling the page ? For example can i do something like : pass the URL as inside the widget ?

The reason I have to do this is because we are trying to create a mode that can display things urgently.
This is the reason why I would like to have the layout already created and ready to go on the players, because I don’t want to wait 3-5s for the layout to be created and scheduled with the API.
Using this method, the layout can be instantly scheduled on the players using XMR, and the player then calls the webpage giving its identity so that the web server can then determine what to display.

I don’t hold high hopes that the webpage widget can do that, would you have any recommendation on how to achieve what we’re trying to do ?

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Yes you can use the webpage widget like you described it:

  • In v2 you can call /info on the localhost to get the players information and pass this as a GET-Parameter
  • In v3 use the Xibo Interactive Control

This is already well documented in Accessing Display Information

Thanks. I’m using the V2.
But how can I build the layout with the widget and the link, and pass the info as a get parameter if the layout is already build ? Plus, nothing is going to go fetch that data on the player using just that widget.

Would you mind elaborating a bit more ?
Thank you :wink:

I tested on a player in V3 to call localhost:9696/info as it says it in the doc (I called this url in a browser) but it doesn’t work, the link leads to nothing.

Am I doing this right ?