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Hi Xibo Staff

Last week I updated to the new v4-Version of Xibo (at the moment just for testing that all things work as expected…)

I have a little issue with the handling of calendar / agenda Widget. The problem exists since a few years and in the old Versions I made my own correction directly in the source files. Since I switched to v4-Version and at the same time to the Docker-Installation-Method, this manual correction became more complicated to implement. So I decided to make a Topic to report the Bug…

In the past, we used the Agenda / Calendar widget to display an Exchange calendar via .ics link and a custom template. Since we like to think around corners in our business, we don’t use the calendar to display classic appointments, but the daily menus of our canteen or promotions for our stores. For this we use the fields [Summary], [Location] and [Description]. The display of the Description field does not take line breaks into account, but this is important for the correct display of the menu.

With a simple adjustment (one-liner) we corrected this. Now in version v4 the way widgets work has been revised. Although I still don’t understand everything, I think the revision is basically successful. I have also been able to successfully implement the customization.

In my opinion, this small adjustment would benefit all those who want to output the Description field in multiple lines. All others can still use the previous behavior by not setting line breaks in the appointment.

I would be happy to make a pull request for this so that this can (hopefully) be implemented… Of course, I’m also happy to provide more information if needed…

Many thanks and best regards

Welcome to the community - always nice to see another long term user!

I’m sure we would take a PR for this - how are you doing your 1 line fix? Is it nl2br or similar?

v4 is a little stricter about how we escape output, so the description element doesn’t allow any HTML. We could add a HTML description element which did allow it though, so users could choose.

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