I want to repeat only the playlist

I want to prevent the entire screen from reloading when a playlist loops one time

In other words, I want to stop being redrawn every time.

Do you mean when the layout reloads, and you get the flashing during the reload ? I’m assuming your using windows player?

You can do a couple things to min the flashing. If it’s a single video at a time, enabling double buffering in the player settings should help with video transitions.

You can also set the length of your layout to be 12 hours long, then use the sub playlist fullscreen, then select your playlist. The layout will only reload 1 time per day. You can set playlist repeats etc from within the layout design.

This, for me anyway, works well when there are multiple nested playlists throughout a content loop, the selection of tag driven dynamic playlists make it much easier for me to manage