I want to hide filter and Templates from Design section and Dataset and Filter from Library section

Dear Alex hi
i want to hide filter and Templates from Design section

and Dataset and Filter from Library section

i used xibo 1.6.4

plz guide me step by step

Sachin jadhao


Again - this is done using the Menu security

i am new for xibo plz describe in detail

can i change code in Menu security folder or file

what is this menu security? it is database table or php file or anything else

plz give your valuable guidance

In the web portal -

  • Users or User Group
  • Select the user/group
  • Click Menu Security
  • Find the menu you are interested in using the drop down
  • Add / Remove permissions as appropriate

i have tried using super-admin.account to hide Dataset and filter from " Library " menu but still it is display and not hide what is a reason?
i have done following steps :-
1> Clicked on User
2>clicked on Action Button (for ex admin user)
3>clicked on Menu Security
4>from menu drop down box i have selected library menu
5>tick on option and clicked Assign / Unassign button

Sachin jadhao


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plz check my issue also

That should be all you need to do - but you will need to make sure the permissions are set on the User AND any groups they belong to.

Dear dan

thanks for valuable guidance but it don’t want to remove access of such utility, i want to hide Filter and Templates and Dataset from UI so plz guide me in which form i will search the code written for Filter,Dataset and Temlates

DataSet and Templates are output by the controller that uses the menu security - https://github.com/xibosignage/xibo-cms/blob/hotfix/tuttle-1.7.5/lib/app/thememanager.class.php#L298

You could intercept and discard - but this really is the same as unticking the box in Menu Security or removing the records from the DB.

“Filter” is included on every page and can be removed via the actionMenu on each page controller, for example: https://github.com/xibosignage/xibo-cms/blob/hotfix/tuttle-1.7.5/lib/pages/layout.class.php#L234

This has all been changed in 1.8 where all of the above is controlled in views.