I want to hide About and Manual button for users in xibo 1.7.9

Hi, is is possible to hide “About” and “Manual” button in the footer only for the users?
Is there any global variable as $user?

Thanks in advance

I solved with this:

<?php if (Kit::GetParam('usertype', _SESSION, _INT, 0) == '1') 
        echo '<a class="XiboFormButton" href="index.php?p=index&q=About" title="' . Theme::Translate('About the CMS') . '">' .  
             Theme::Translate('About'); ?>

Thanks to all

Just for the sake of documentation for future readers of this post, access to the manual can be allowed or disallowed by changing the “page security” for a user or group. A user must not be a Super Admin for these settings to apply.

I’m not sure if there is a similar security setting for the About link. Maybe someone else knows.