I have 4 displays connected to the same pc

What do after I have 4 instances of the player on the PC? How do I configure the CMS to show separate content for each display?

Check out the documentation at Multi Player Install | Xibo Digital Signage

Positioning the Player

A Player by default will position itself on the Primary monitor in a full-screen configuration. You will want to change this behaviour for the second Player so that it does not appear underneath the first. This is done using a Display Settings Profile from the CMS.

  • Open a CMS connection and log in
  • Navigate to the Display Settings page, located under the Displays section of the main CMS menu and create a new Windows Profile called “Second Screen” or similar.
  • In the new profile configure the Location tab so that your left, top, width and height represent the second screen in your PC configuration. For example, if you have two 1920x1080 panels the second one would be at left=1920, top=0, width=1920, height=1080. You would enter different coordinates if the monitors are not ‘side by side’ or have different resolutions. You should, therefore, adjust the coordinates according to your setup.