I cant use Clock or embedded code

First of all, Hello! Im new in Xibo, yesterday I started to see what I can do with this amazing CMS. Im from Spain and my english isn’t so good, sorry.

I’ve encountered problems in my way to create a simple Layout and show it in a second screen, but reading the comunity problems I’ve got the solutions. Now I have another problem but I cant see any help around here. The problem is that I have a Layout with 4 images, 10 seconds, in my second monitor (already configured) but I have a embedded code html from “https://www.eltiempo.es/widget” and a Flip Clock.

That two modules aren’t showing in my layout and transitions between images (in same region) either. Please I need help.

Notes: Im using Xibo 1.7.9 for both server and client (is the same PC, im testing Xibo for now)

Do you have any overlapping regions on your layout?
Perhaps it could be easier to show me your layout.

You can also open player status window, press ‘i’ on your keyboard while Xibo has focus.

I added clock and ebedded code after images region. How can I share my layout? Imp Pt?..

I’ve Verified all modules too

ScheduleManagerThread|25/01/2017 13:35:37|Error|Schedule - OnScheduleManagerCheckComplete|Agent threads are dead, not updating status.json
UI Thread|25/01/2017 13:35:37|Error|MainForm - ChangeToNextLayout|Prepare Layout Failed. Exception raised was: Default layout
UI Thread|25/01/2017 13:35:37|Error|MainForm - ChangeToNextLayout|Layout Change to failed. Exception raised was: Default layout

UPDATE: If i resize image region, i can see under it the embedded code and clock. How can I move up the differents regions?

Right, so you do have an overlapping regions, unfortunately that will not work correctly on Windows client.

It seems to me that you also have an empty region on this layout, since it’s marked as invalid (X) hence the errors you see.

So I’d suggest:

  1. Remove the empty region
  2. Remove the region with images
  3. Go to Options -> Background and set one image as background image (please make sure it’s .jpg)

You’d have one layout with background image (.jpg) and clock and embedded weather

Then you could create second layout with other images

Create a campaign add both layouts to the campaign
Schedule campaign to display on your player

Alternatively, on android client that layout would work fine (without empty region of course).

If you don’t see why it’s marked as invalid, please export layout, upload to dropbox/similar and share the download link with me here or via private message.

Ok. So creating a campaign I can “create a slideshow”? Im new and I’ve not saw yet the “campaign” tab.

Think of campaign as grouped layouts, as it’s essentially it.

Your player will display first layout (background image / clock/ embedded) once the layout duration end it will display second layout and then go back to the first one and so on.

ok thanks. i understand. what i can do with black backgorund in the clock and embedded code? Also the size is wrong hahaha

from this: http://image.prntscr.com/image/46113166341640b1904e33c61bdc9b1a.png

to this :cry:

I don’t think it should be black if you have a .jpg image set as background image.

Please also make sure that you have IE11 installed and correct registry entries for browser emulation. Enabling HTML5 in the Windows .net Player

It should be done automatically during 1.7.9 player installation process, but you might want to double check that.

First and foremost though, make sure it’s .jpg image (and not .png or other)

The background is jpg. I’ve found that embedded can’t be transparent in windows player, and the flip clock?

Im using Chrome

Correct, true transparency is not supported on windows clients - you might want to resize regions with embedded / clock to make it look a bit better.

If you’d create a new layout add background image and then add region with clock, it should be displayed without black background.


Me too, but Xibo will use IE by default, and we do not recommend cef with Xibo.

I added a clock, wich have transparent background in the design tab, but not in the display client. Are you using linux based client or windows? your clock is right

Edit: I have to left my work. Tomorrow i will resume this project.

Windows same as you, the linux client is no longer supported.

Side by side layout desginer and client:

In case there is anything cached, you might want to create a new layout, add background image (.jpg) add other region and try it out.
Also make sure about IE11 and browser emulation in registry.

Hi, I came back. I added the key to the registry, and cleaned the cache, but black background of clock module still present.

When you say [quote=“Peter, post:13, topic:8570”]
Windows, linux client is not supported since 1.6.x series.
[/quote], what do you mean exactly? How can I show mi Xibo Campaigns and layouts then?


Can you send me your layout or at least the image you’re using as background please?

You asked

I replied that I was using Windows client in this case, as android client does support transparency and overlapping regions so there will be no issues like the ones you have here.

Since you mentioned linux client, I’ve also told you that it’s no longer supported ie -http://xibo.org.uk/2014/12/15/xibo-for-ubuntu-alpha-discontinuation-notice/
We do have plans for cross-platform player that should come with 1.9 series - Cross Platform Player Specification

Apologies for confusion.

This is the image (uploaded form my PC):

Right, do you see the format in which this image is saved? It’s .png, 25.png

I’ve mentioned about 5-6 times in this topic alone, that your background image must be in .jpg format, with .png it will not work as I’ve also mentioned in this topic.

So if you’d convert the .jpg image it should work fine.
.jpg image for you:

Side by side designer/ player with your image (saved as .jpg)

ok. sorry, i made two versions of the image. I thought i was using jpg. I always make two versions (jpg and png) and this time I put the wrong format in the xibo library. I will test inmediatly.

EDIT: Works prefectly now. So now if I set a Jpeg background, could I add regions with Png images and transparent backgrounds too?

I created a campaign with two layouts, but only first is shown. How can I add time to different layouts in the campaign? and transitions?

If you have two layouts in your campaign and scheduled the campaign to your display, it should show both layouts.
It will show the first layout then once the longest duration on the layout end it will show the second layout.

Perhaps you have some long durations on your first layout?

Where can i set duration for layouts?