I cannot schedule a command because the time is empty when selecting it

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CMS Version

Version 2.3.7

Player Type

does not apply

Player Version

does not apply


I cannot schedule a command because i cannot set a time. When i set a date, only 26 appears instead of 2021-02-26 and the time dropdown is empty. I tried setting is manually but it stays empty

Unfortunatyy this problem still exists, does anyone else has this problem and maybe a solution ?

There was an issue with scheduling commands that was addressed in 2.3.8, we would therefore advise you to upgrade to the latest release; 2.3.9 to see if this resolves your issue: https://blog.xibo.org.uk/2-3-9-released/

If after upgrading your issue still persists, then please do come back to us here.

Thank you

Thank you, i will upgrade!

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