I am back!...this time trying XIBO PLAYER on LINUX

hello Alex and Dan, and the XIBO community… happy new year. …I saw xibo player was now available for linux so i jumpped in…testing it for 2 days now and i noticed some issues.

  1. Closing the terminal windows will close xibo and its watchgod. meaning, it wont auto-restart. If i start xibo player with the xibo icon, it launches the terminal too. when i open the options window from the terminal, it also will close if i close the terminal…launching xibo by the options windows also, opens xibo player, when you close player window, watchdog closes too i guess…i am experimenting this

when you launch the player from the options window and then you close the player, it does not restart. so I know xibo-player.options will open the options window and you can launch xibo from there but then the xibowatchdog is never launched and there fore if the player craches and close, it wont restart

  1. No easy way to stop the player as it will restart immidiately covering the screen again and again. On a given windows environment, one can close the watchdog to prevent xibo player from relaunch.

  2. It looks like, the best results, for now, is to use AUTO START to launch xibo player. That does not need the use of terminal. Though you will get an error on the screen. xibo player is now runing without the termian window, plus the watchdog is also active. you close the player, it reluanch again and again. so now how can I stop xibo complete? hard way i guess

Overall, THANK YOU for making it happen Alex, Dan and your team. Xibo has been my learning tool. I upgraded from version 1.8.11 to 1.8.13 easily, didnt loose any of my custom settings.

I have 44 screens all running on windows (3 on windws 10, the rest on windows 7) 40 in Canada, 4 in Ghana. so far so good.

so…can i close the terminal without loosing the xibo player?, i have ubuntu 18.04…xibo player version 1.8-R4…everything else works perfect for me

anybody got flash animation to play in their linux xibo player?..I have tried installing adobe flash plugins but none of my flash files play in my xibo…i dont have this issue on windows

Welcome back and happy new year to you also! :partying_face:

That is not what should happen - using the Launcher Icon should open the Player without any associated terminal window. Did you install the player using Snap?

For the rest of your points I think it might be worthwhile for you to take a quick look at what we’re working on: https://github.com/xibosignage/xibo-linux/milestone/12

You can see there some closed issues already for the watchdog and options window, which I think will solve your problem with that.

You can try those closed things by using the edge release instead of stable - but be warned we do have some other issues at the moment which we are trying to get solved before making another “candidate” revision for testing.

Thank You Dan. I think I am okay for now…knowing this linux player is still under work. But for the fact that there is a possible player for linux, i am happy. I want to get rid of windows operating system.

question, does this linux player support FLASH (swf) files? I tried it and it never played, i test it in all the available xibo players including edge, stable. vedio plays fine.

I loaded the edge player but didnt spend time testing it to see if launching it from the desktop by the icon or luanchpad will still open with terminal and close as terminal closes. I focused of remote login but i will try again.

Yes installed it through snap as per the install instructions.

We haven’t put any engineering time into supporting flash files - simply because they are soon to be gone from the world :slight_smile:

There are some bigger :fish: to catch for us at the moment, but I will make a note of it for investigation.

heheheheh I figured…myself, I have thought of retiring flash since adobe is droping it off the platforms…GIF is okay for now.

and Dan, I am testing out the EDGE version of the player and I notice the same issue, whereby the player closes as the terminal is closed. Whether I open the player from launchpad or from terminal…the terminal still accompany the player. once I close the terminal, the player closes without a restart by watchdog…Ubuntu 18.04…fresh install…I have test all the versions on fresh installs, same results

Ah yes, you are right (I didn’t notice that before!).

I will raise that as an issue and see if there is anything to be done about that.

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thank you…so far so good.

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