HTTPS Content (feeds and more) dosen't working in CMS 3.0

CMS Version

CMS - 3.0.1
PHP 7.2.33 Fast CGI
IIS Server
Using SSL certificate…

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Ugoos UT3-S

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R300 Android (Trial Licence)


Hello guys!
I’m doing a lot of testing on CMS version 3.0.1
(Version 3 of the system is insane! congratulations by the way)

I was testing RSS feeds and other content, but when I insert a link with SSL (Https) the layout preview doesn’t work at all…
When the link is http but inside the feed there is some content with https link (like a photo for example) all content is loaded except https content…

My CMS is hosted on my server, and it has SSL certificate (An image below)

Here is an example of a feed widely used here in Brazil…

Can you give me a help?

Hi, great to hear you are putting v3 through its paces and your kind comments, we very much appreciate it!

Take a look at this FAQ page which may be the answer to your issue:

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Thank’s Natasha!
That’s it! i just pointed the CA certificate path in PHP.INI Curl Configuration, and it worked perfectly!

Resolution Windows Servers

The web server that hosts the CMS needs to be updated with the latest CA root certificates. This may sound complicated, but is actually very easy.

  1. Download the latest CA root certificate from the curl website and save it to your server drive as, for example, c:\php\cacert.pem.
  2. Edit the php.ini file for your PHP installation to tell curl where the root certificate is located. You will be adding a line that looks like curl.cainfo=c:\php\cacert.pem. If a similar line already exists, edit it to point to the correct location and ensure that it isn’t commented out. If the line doesn’t already exist, simply add a new line to the end of the file.
  3. Restart the web server.

Many thank’s!

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