HTTP ERROR 500 Version 1.8.8

Hi XIBO Team,

after “upgrading” my xibo docker installation to 1.8.8 I get an HTTP ERROR 500 every time I try to access the design editor.

I tried to found something in the logs but the apache error is empty.

The xibo report wizzard documents a 246 line long csv file with content like:

182960,5aa6f89,“2018-04-17 08:10:40”,WEB,/theme/default/libraries/bootstrap-select-ajax/js/,GET,“Page Not Found. /theme/default/libraries/bootstrap-select-ajax/js/locale/ajax-bootstrap-selectde_DE.min.js”,DEBUG

But I can’t find anything according the to HTTP 500 Error.

I hope anyone can help me solving the issue.

thanks and best regards

If you had videoIn module installed then that’s most likely was is causing your problems, there is a quick way to fix that on docker though, please see the following post for details Module Page Bug 1.8.8

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Thank you very much…

fixed it.