How to use Random Widget each circle with multiple Playlists

His is the question - How to use Random Widget for each circle with multiple Playlists?
Does anybody know? I try like in the picture and it’s not function.

Hi @hypnomedia,

Which version of the player app are you using please?

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Hi, @Frazer, I’m using Android 3 Revision 306 with Doker: CMS Version 3.1.3.
I see on a DSC it’s not take in order all playlists from Sub-Playlist, it’s random for playlists and pictures and videos from playlists.

Thanks for the information.
Do you have subplaylists in each of these playlists?:

Yes, I have every layout with 20-30 playlists.


  • Layout
    • One Sub Playlist
      • Playlist 1
      • Playlist 2
      • Playlist 3
      • Playlist 29

Are lots of videos and picture in every playlist. I want to play every playlist at the time in this order, and pictures and videos to be randomly played.

Now I have seen(in this configuration from print screens) that it plays the playlist randomly and what they contain( playlist: 1, 3, 2, 6…,20, 5, 30…).

I think we need specification for this feature.

Does this work for you if you set ‘Playlist Ordering’ to Play All, and Remaining Widgets to ‘Add’?

Thank you, Frazer. I have tried and it’s worse.
Now only playlists with lots of content are playing. The playlist with 5-10 videos or photos is not played.

It’s a bug, @Frazer. This function doesn’t take in count playlists. Just mix a part of the videos in a soup.
I have a few hours of videos and pictures and this function transform the layout of a few hours only into one hour and also repeats videos.

@Frazer, @natasha , @dan, please tell me how to use this function, because it’s not working. It’s useless!

The configuration you have there I think will play 1 random thing from any of those playlists and then move on.

If you want to play one random from each then you’d need to have those as separate subplaylist widgets on the same region timeline, and set it to show 1 random item in each. You cannot do this with a subplaylist that contains other subplaylists - it must be in the region timeline directly.

So for example, your first subplaylist widget will be for Playlist 1 only and you’d leave all the options at default except the cycle based playback, random ticked and play count of 1.

Then next in your region timeline you’d add another subplaylist widget, which will only have Playlist 2 in it etc.

That way you will get a random widget from Playlist 1 followed by a random widget from Playlist 2, and then the layout will finish (and move to the next layout or restart this layout if it’s the only thing scheduled).

It can’t all be done in one subplaylist because what you’re doing there is merging all the Playlists you have assigned in to one big playlist (using the ordering that you’ve specified) and then picking one random item from it.

Note too that it’s a random item the Playlist. It will play duplicates - it’s a random one each time, not a list ordered randomly.