How to start XiboClient from shell command?

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I’m trying to control XiboClient with Stop and Start layers. I can stop it by scheduling a layer with a command “taskkill /IM XiboClient.exe” but I’m struggling with starting it.
I’m trying something like "start /MAX “” “C:\Program Files (x86)\xxx\xxx\XiboClient.exe” but it’s having none of it.
Some guidance would be much appreciated.
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What do you mean by “layers”? You are trying to wrap starting/stopping the player in some way?

What happens when the player has none of it? It just fails to start?

Thanks for your reply dan, I want to create two Layouts in Shell Command one that can shut down the running ‘XiboClient’ and one that can start it, whatever time I schedule them for. I have a layout that can shut down the running ‘XiboClient’ with the following command “taskkill /IM XiboClient.exe” and it works fine but the Layout with start command (start /MAX “” “C:\Program Files (x86)\xxxx\xxxx\XiboClient.exe”) doesn’t seem to work why ???
I have checked both commands on Command Prompt they both work fine.

Because once you’ve killed XiboClient.exe there is nothing left to execute your start command.

Perhaps it would be better to have your “kill” batch command also update a pre-existing scheduled task to run the XiboClient.exe again?

Of course you wouldn’t be able to adjust this after you ran it.

Thanks dan I’ll have a go at it.

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Well this problem has been half solved by updating CMS and XiboClient to 1.7.8 now I can shut down the running XiboClient by Shell Command ‘taskkill /IM XiboClient.exe’ and I can
Maximize it by ‘/max XiboClient.exe’ however there’s a small problem, there’s a delay when I schedule to close or open XiboClient and this can be from 5sec to 4min, is there any way
I can eliminate this delay???

I assume you mean the delay between you scheduling a layout in the CMS and the Player receiving those instructions?

If so, then that’s entirely a normal delay. The Player connects to the CMS every collection interval (which you configure in the Display Settings Profile you’re using). It sounds like you’ve configured 5 minutes, so depending on when you make your schedule change, the Player will take up to 5 minutes to connect and pull down that new schedule data.

You can shorten the interval, but that uses additional bandwidth and loads up your CMS.

The forthcoming 1.8 series has XMR push technology which allows the Player to pickup changes much more quickly.

Thank you Alex that was a great help, takes me out of hot water.

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