How to start Xibo player on Smart Android TV startup?

Hello everyone,

I have recently installed the Xibo player (APK) from on my Smart Android TV. I have entered my license number and the player works fine when I find and launch it. However, I am having trouble finding a way to start the Xibo player automatically when the TV starts up.

I have two different TV brands, a Toshiba 65UA2263DG and a Smart Tech ANDROID TV, and in both cases, it is very difficult to find the Xibo player. I have to go into the system applications and scroll through about 50 apps to find X… for Xibo.

Is there any way to start the Xibo player automatically on Smart Android TV startup? I would appreciate any help or advice on how to achieve this.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Hi Piron,

Here is the procedure that my friend followed on a low-end android TV and it worked for him
To try and set the Xibo app as the launcher on your TV, you will need to install an app that allows you to set custom launchers. One such app is called ‚ÄúLauncher Hijack.‚ÄĚ . I understand the Launcher Hijack app is created for android TVs for the purpose you actually need.

Before starting, ensure that your Toshiba TV allows app installation from unknown sources. Next, download the ‚ÄúLauncher Hijack‚ÄĚ APK file to your computer (make sure it is from a trusted source). Transfer the APK file to a USB drive and then take that USB into your TV‚Äôs USB port. Install ‚ÄúLauncher Hijack‚ÄĚ. Open the ‚ÄúLauncher Hijack‚ÄĚ app. In the app, you‚Äôll see a list of available launchers. Choose Xibo app as your launcher. Restart your TV and xibo app should be in fact your launcher app.
As mentioned, I know that this worked a low end android TV, no guaranties that it will work in your case. Proceed with care.

If you decide to try this please let us know if it worked.


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Thank you very much rahatnopa , I will look into the application and conduct some tests.
I’ll start with a small, low-end TV before moving on to the Toshiba.

I may also test the Launcher Projectivity app [MAGNIFIQUE APPLICATION POUR BOX TV ANDROID | Launcher Projectivy @TV4K - YouTube], which looks very good as well.

Hello Rahatnopa,

Thank you for suggesting the ‚ÄúLauncher Hijack‚ÄĚ solution. Today, I wasted some time trying to use the app ‚ÄúProjectivity Launcher‚ÄĚ from the Google Play Store. It‚Äôs a great app, but it failed to start Xibo without my intervention at TV startup.

I tried Launcher Hijack and it seems to work perfectly. I did some exploring in the settings, and I’m providing you with three screenshots.

At the first startup, I received the following message: ‚ÄúAccessibility service disabled: accessible service is disabled, you must enable it to ensure ‚ÄėLauncher Hijack‚Äô functionality.‚ÄĚ

Accessibility can be found in the TV settings (see Photos 1 and 2). Then, I configured the Launcher Hijack parameters as shown in Photo 3.
I must admit that I ticked some of the settings in Launcher Hijack a bit blindly.etape1

Hi Piron,

These are excellent news. I am happy that it worked for you. Thanks for coming back with the update.

Good luck

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