How to show videos in stretchtofit mode in windows Clients?

I am using windows client and want videos to be shown in region as no black areas can be seen
I found a config called “VideoRenderingEngine” which can be set do either WindowsMediaPlayer or DirectShow. I’ve searched and got that DirectShow can do what I wanted. but xibo client seems not to use DirectShow exactly, and uses the same videoplayer class for both VideoRenderingEngine.
Am I wrong? Is there a way for me to do so in windows client and show my videos stretched?

Thank you for your message armaghan. I have been testing the stretch scaling option on Xibo for Windows version R256 and can confirm that it is working. If you are using a Windows 10 ,machine for your Xibo for Windows display you could try using R256 to see if this provides the solution you are looking for. You can download a copy of R256 form the link below:

You do not need to change any config settings, you instead need to use the Scale Type option in the Video Widget you are using in your layout:


Many Thanks.

Many thanks for your reply.
How can I get the source code?

Thank you for your message, I hope the above suggestion resolves your issue.

Below is a link you can use to download the source code for the different Xibo for Widows player versions but you do not need the source code to get the videos to stretch on your layout, just the player version I provided a link for in my last message.

Many Thanks.

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